Applies to a Windows 7

With Windows 7 and filmmaker , became create your own movies and share it easier than ever before. It is part of Windows Essentials, a free download also contains tools for creating movies, instant messaging, e-mail, social networking and much more.

You may have noticed that the "filmmaker" is not included in Windows 7. However, you can still turn your video clips and photos into movies in Windows 7, by installing a video editing program from another company or by installing the new version of "filmmaker" - which became known as "filmmaker."

Note: It may be "filmmaker" is already installed on your computer. To find out, click the buttonStart Image button "Start" , type Movie Maker in the search box, and wait to see if he will appear in the list of results or not.

Combine video clips and images

Using the "Movie Maker", you can create movies from your photos and your videos, whether on your computer or are still on the camera.

Ease of editing

Use effects and coordinated "filmmaker" to make own movies impressive. It has become more easily edit movies, where not only requires you to pull the scenes and still images, transitions, and then drop it where you want, but you can also use the "automatic film" to make the "film-maker" creates a film on your behalf.

Image to edit video in the "filmmaker"You can easily edit movies using the "filmmaker".

Post movies online

Just a few clicks, you can share your movies on social networking sites of your favorite such as YouTube, Facebook, or uploaded to OneDrive .